The Black Threat Theodicy Package

Your Guide to Understanding the 6 Causes of Black Suffering

What You With Learn

The world as it stands is filled with so much psychological pain especially for Black people. We have faced so much difficulties in our struggles for survival and for humanity that we have not been able to face and tackle the real issues that currently perpetuate Black suffering. You will learn in this training the 6 areas that have brought Black people the most suffering. The metaphysical truths that make this suffering enduring. But mostly you will learn the key to overcoming these sufferings yourself and guiding others to overcome it for themselves.

Black Threat Package

Who This Training is Not For

  • People who are overly conservative or prudish

  • People who are extremely religious and moralist

  • People who are so faith-minded that they are delusional

  • People who are not impressed by spiritual liberation

  • People who prefer the cheap option to quality

  • Closed-minded people

  • Perfectionists


I could have made this free like most YouTube videos, but then you would not value the information provided. The training provided in this hour long video is extremely hard to come by and took many years and dollars of searching and studying to acquire. You could do the same searching and studying yourself but altogether it will cost you more than the training provided here for only $9.99.

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