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Congratulations, you're an Expert Divinity!

Don't worry about the points you got. You are already ahead of most Black theologians. However, if you are willing you can take your knowledge to the next level and transform your divine experience through our products.

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Congratulations. You are ahead of most Black theologians. Most theologians are unaware of most of the truths that you already know.

However, there is a lot more you could learn to progress as a Black Divinity.

Remember, even an expert Black Divinity could still improve by reading and learning more in depth lessons. In other words, you could become even better.

By taking your knowledge to the next level you can even transform your sensual experience.

In your current expert position you are able to see the value of advancing further down the path. Unfortunately, there are so few guides.

I can be your guide down the path of Black divinity and Black romanticism to show you how deep your divinity really is and how great you can become as a divine person.

So, what next…

Seeing as how my lessons are a perfect fit for you, I would suggest you start by purchasing the Black Threat Theodicy Package from our service page and we'll see if we can take you to the next level.



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