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Well Done, you are a Novice Divinity!

Don’t worry, you represent the vast majority of the population. Most people are unfamiliar with the history or the reality of Black divinity. If you wish to learn more about it this is the path.

Your Level – Novice

Thank you for your honesty. It is difficult to know if a path is right for you and sometimes salespeople try to force on you something that may not be suitable for you. In this case my lessons and books may not be the right fit, and that’s okay.

There are very few people in the world who are able to understand and apply divine principles to their lives.

Although we have established that my particular lessons may not be suitable for you it would still be worthwhile for you to learn more from those who came before in African American Theology such as James H. Cone, Jeremiah Wright, and Cornel West and Jacquelyn Grant, Katie Cannon, and Delores Williams.

If at any time you choose to take the assessment again you are always welcome, but be sure you research these pioneers of the subject first.

So, what’s next…

It is up to you. If you wish to be a good Christian you can learn from Pastor A. R. Bernard or from Bishop T. D. Jakes. If you wish to learn more about Black theology or womanist theology then you can study the pioneers I recommended. If you wish to learn more about Black Divinity then you can join one of our courses so we can see if we can take you to the next level. Finally, if you want to continue with your life the same way it was, that option is open to you too. The choice is all yours.

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